Reply, Analyze and Moderate social comments with AI

Increase your ROI and engagement with zero effort by having AI always guarding your social comments

Harnessing AI to Empower Your Social Strategy

Auto Comment Management with Advanced AI Technology

PostGuard crafts engaging responses to your social media comments; you can publish them automatically or take control and manually approve each response before it goes live

Increase ROI and save time

Sleep well having an AI guarding your posts


AI at your service

Tailor your AI to your unique brand voice and social media strategy. You get to decide when and how it interacts, responds, and engages, ensuring a consistent and personalized experience for your audience


Maximize ROI with Action-Driven Comments

Engage and guide your audience towards desired actions; auto-replying with tracked links or using strategic language to promote user engagement, PostGuard assists in driving traffic, increasing conversions, and ultimately boosting your ROI

Always on

Reap the Benefits of Continuous AI Support

PostGuard is there for you around the clock, tirelessly managing and optimizing your social media comments 24/7 and allowing you to focus on other key aspects of your business

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Simple pricing, for everyone.

Learn which PostGuard’s plan fits for you


Ideal for newcomers to social media management.

$99 /month

  • Respond to and hide comments automatically
  • Set rules in natural language
  • Limited to one Facebook page
  • Handles up to 500 comments per month

Small business

Perfect for growing businesses, with a need to manage multiple pages.

$249 /month

  • Respond to and hide comments automatically
  • Set rules in natural language
  • Supports up to 50 Facebook pages
  • Handles up to 3500 comments per month


Ideal for large businesses needing broad insights and advanced management.

$449 /month

  • Respond to and hide comments automatically
  • Set rules in natural language
  • Supports up to 300 Facebook pages
  • Handles up to 10000 comments per month

Frequently asked questions

Learn how works and how it can help you maximise you ROI!

    • On what social does PostGuard work?

      PostGuard works on Facebook™ and will work soon on Instagram™.

    • What languages does PostGuard support?

      PostGuard works with english, spanish, french, german, italian, portuguese, dutch, russian, chinese, korean and all the languages supported by ChatGPT™.

    • Is PostGuard built using OpenAI™'s API (ChatGPT™)?


    • How many comments can PostGuard handle?

      PostGuard is built to handle all the social comments you need. Keep in mind that PostGuard comes with a specific plan you're requested to choose; every plan has a different comments limit.

    • What is the process for using PostGuard?

      The process is very simple. You import your Facebook™ pages to PostGuard using our official and Meta™ Approved Facebook™'s app. Then you tell PostGuard in natural language how to behave. And you're ready to start.

    • Does PostGuard meet the regulations of Meta™?

      Yes; PostGuard's official app is approved by Meta™.

    • Do I have the ability to approve comments before they go live?

      Yes, you can choose to approve every comment PostGuard generates before posting it (or you can let PostGuard handle everything).

    • Can I put links in the comments?

      Yes, definetely. You're free to do everything you want.